crossdressing to save america
in case you thought comics weren't fucking weird
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here, you needed this.

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name three things homura akemi did wrong

1. ever 2. y 3. thing

trying two short ribbons together and using them as a hairband. that was tacky as fuck why wouldn’t you go for something tasteful like a bracelet or a commemorative tattoo

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why does facebook chat only work when my message contains the words Mark Zuckerburg right now



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my favourite relationships ★ kaylee and inara (firefly)

kaylee’s been missing you something fierce. i miss her too.

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I’m laughing bcs I’m having about the same level of trouble believing Sam is a ~bad~ boy as I did believing Ariana was a ~bad~ girl.

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she’s damn hot and she knows it

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Robin the bank

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Robin the bank

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forgive me


forgive me

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